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A Little About Ma and Pa

Ma and Pa met via the Internet in 1994, back before there was an Internet really. There was Compuserve, AOL, and Prodigy. Ma and Pa met on Prodigy. Ma lived in Ohio, and Pa lived in Indiana, about 350 miles from one another, but thanks to the Internet, their paths crossed in a bulletin board, and they quickly fell in love. That love grew into the most wonderful partnership, any two individuals could possibly hope for. Ma and Pa spent every moment together they could, and created art, worked on multiple business ventures, everything they could do together, they did. After Pa injured his back, they even worked together delivering papers. After Pa's back injury, he could no longer do the work he'd done all his life as a warehouse man. So Ma and Pa worked together on odd jobs here and there. They delivered newspapers, cleaned their Church, worked the Internet, and created arts and crafts to sell.

While working the Internet, Ma and Pa bought and designed a number of different web sites, so they got a lot of experience with web design. Ma and Pa have been designing web sites for over 10 years now. In the beginning they only bought one domain to accommodate their art and craft business, but then they started doing Internet marketing after Pa's back injury, so they bought a number of sites with different niches, to fit their likes, and started designing them.

After 8 years of designing their own sites, Ma and Pa started to get notice from people who have businesses, and either need new web sites, or need a web site over haul. So they started "Ma and Pa Web Designs". As you will see in the following pages, Ma and Pa are not interested in getting rich, they are more interested in helping those who need a web site, but cannot afford the high rates of the big guru's, or just want something designed by a friendly couple that are disabled and love designing web sites, and graphics, but especially like helping people.

Have a Blessed day!

Ma and Pa Dunkin


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