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Hello and welcome! We are Ma and Pa Dunkin, and we will be your host and designers. Just like with any "Mom and Pop" type business, you can expect to recieve good ole' down home goodness with our web and graphic designs.

We started designing our own web sites in the late 1990's. Now in 2007 we own and operate more than a dozen sites. While talking with a friend about their RV site, and the cost involved in hourly fee's and hosting cost, we mentioned our sites and how we had done our own web design for close to 10 years. That conversation led to our friend looking over a couple of our sites and asking us if we could help a web site that belonged to an organization he was involded in. The site in question was in pretty bad shape, so we jumped right in, and made it look good. The site we are talking about is SAINT Animal Rescue.

So far all who have visited SAINT, are just in awe over the way it looks now. This has brought about the decision to go into the web design business as a full time endeavor. Since both Ma and Pa Dunkin are disabled, and unable to work outside the home, this has been a true God send to the Dunkin family, and they are eager to help your site become the next, "awe" to all your visitors.





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